Transform your expenses and enterprise workflows from manual to digital

One tool, unlimited possibilities. A single platform to manage every kind of expense from petty cash to vendor advances from invoices to credit notes and more.

What is Kozo?

A paperless, painless solution with a proven financial operations tech stack

Is your organisation caught in the red-tape of endless paper trails, the frustration of stuck approvals, faulty financial data entry and hours of number crunching? We’ve crafted the perfect expense management solution. Kozo is an expense tracking app that will eliminate all your financial woes and speed up your business’ financial efficiency.

Streamline your budgeting, expenses and billing all on one platform.

Experience the customizable dashboard hosted on a secure cloud.

Gain hassle-free and on the go approvals of every bill invoice.

Witness seamless integration with your current financial systems.

Tons of Features

Budget Multiple Projects
Multiple Projects
Invoice Scan & Auto-Import
Invoice Uploads
Budget Tracker
Approval System with Dynamic Levels
User Rights and Features
Multiple Reports
Duplicates Detection
Integrate with 3rd Party Tools

Kozo Mobile

Get real time notifications when you get the Kozo App and make approvals possible within seconds. Available for Android and Iphone users.

Kozo Dashboard

A web platform where you can access reports and status of expenses. Manage all your project controls and export reports with the Kozo Dashboard.

Tons of Integrations

Integrate with Your Tools

Kozo’s API makes it possible to integrate with a huge number of platforms. The tools you know and love can work perfectly alongside Kozo.

We Are Kozo

About Us

Team Kozo has over 40 years of rich history in pioneering innovation. We specialize in technology, product strategy, entertainment and much more. With Kozo, we have synthesized our insights and experience to offer you a complete solution to track, organize and structure your expenses.


We wanted to bridge the gap between the management and finance teams. Our aim was to find a solution that is trusted by industry leaders. Thus, Kozo digitally facilitates the financial closure of projects and brings workflow communications onto one secure, cloud based platform.


Kozo is envisioned to be a one-size-fits all solution for any company’s financial needs. Our vision is that businesses should be able to deploy Kozo as their pocket accountant anytime, anywhere. The goal is a platform tailored to automate the manual paper driven process, making it a tech based workflow.

Meet Our Team

The minds behind Kozo have a combination of myriad pan-industry experiences. You can check them out here.

Prasad Nair

Prasad Nair


Arshad Kazi

Arshad Kazi


Nisha Chomattil

Nisha Chomattil

Product Head

Jitendra Rikhari

Jitendra Rikhari

Senior Full Stack Devloper

Mohammad Salman Khan

Mohammad Salman Khan

Software Developer

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